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Eggless Home Cooked Cakes

Cake Recipe

Most of my cakes can be made with plain vanilla or chocolate sponge. I have two well-tested recipes for each, a light fluffy one, or heavier one made with condensed milk that is strong enough to support upper tiers without dowelling. Alternatively I can do a delicious fruit cake packed with raisins, sultanas, almonds and pistachios. I carefully select the finest ingredients such as Swiss Chocolate Powder and Pure Vanilla Extract to ensure a high-quality result. All of my cakes are eggless and 100% suitable for vegetarians.

Cake Size

I have a variety of different sized cake tins ranging from a simple 5-inch square pan up to a 12-inch hexagonal pan. The most frequently requested are 9-inch round, 9-inch square or 13x9 inch rectangle. Depending on the design, sometimes several cakes can be combined to make one large cake.

Coverings and Fillings

Cakes can be cut into layers and filled with vanilla buttercream (in various colours), chocolate buttercream, fresh whipped cream or jam. Depending on the design, the outside is then covered with whipped cream, buttercream or fondant. Fondant cakes typically have a "crumb coat" layer of buttercream between the cake and the fondant.

Catchment Area

I am based in Iver, Buckinghamshire, and able to serve local customers from the surrounding areas: Uxbridge, Slough, Gerrands Cross, Hillingdon, Windsor, West Drayton, Chalfonts etc.

Price Guide

All of my cakes are unique and created specifically to the customer's requirements. The price reflects both the cost of the ingredients and the amount of labour involved. As a general guide, a simple 9-inch round or square cake is about 40. A 13x9 inch rectangle, lion, or butterfly cake is about 60. Please feel free to email me and discuss your requirements and get a no obligation quote.